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Also known as Black Cumin Oil, Black Seed oil is a substance with an incredible amount of medicinal qualities that has yet to fully take hold in the western world. It is a completely different case in the Asia however, as it is created from the Nigella Sativa plant, which is indigenous to the area.

Once cultivated, the plant can be used for a range of medicinal purposes, First however, we look at the origin of organic Black Seed oil and how it was used during the ages.

Records of the use of pure Black Seed oil for medicinal reasons goes back more than 3,000 years, with references of the oil being found in use in ancient Egyptian times. The Assyrians called Black Seed oil ‘tin tir’, drinking it for an upset stomach and applying it topically for a range of inflammatory conditions of the nose, mouth and eyes. Such were the panacean qualities of the oil, it could also be used for sores, bites and rashes.

In fact, all through the Egyptian reign, the many health benefits of Organic Black Seed Oil were well known to the people, with the substance being treated as an essential part of daily life. Its healing and protective nature was so well regarded that there weren’t many ailments that it couldn’t help to treat. As we moved into the era of the Roman empire, ‘tin tir’ was still widely used to promote health, but with the new name of ‘Greek Coriander’, which the people of the day would consume as dietary supplement. Black Seed Oil would even become mentioned by the Great Mohammed in Islam (PBUH), being described as being able to ‘cure everything but death’. If any more evidence was needed that the people of some of the world’s greatest civilisations held pure Black Cumin Seed oil in high regard, then knowing that there was even a bottle of it in King Tutankhamen’s sarcophagus makes it even more clear.


What was it that made all of these great people revere it as much as they did?

The truth is something that is still helping people live healthier, happy lives today in that it is still one of the most beneficial oils in existence for the promotion of health. The width and breadth of the ailments and illnesses that organic Black Seed oil is able to treat is quite staggering and not something that has an equal in modern medicine.

Quality Black Seed oil offers a wide array of health benefits that can help with the treatment of a number of different conditions, such as:


Psoriasis and Eczema

With as much as 3% of the world’s population suffering with either eczema or psoriasis, organic Black Seed oil could be used to help many, as it not only increases the rate at which skin heals, but also soothes inflammation.


Allergies & Asthma

Other ailments suffered by millions include a myriad of types of allergy and asthma, which can be alleviated through oral application and is often more effective than conventional types of treatment. The whole of the operation of the sinus and bronchial systems can also be complemented by quality Black Seed oil, meaning it offers effective relief of the symptoms of colds and flu.


Hair and Skin

Black Seed is sometimes used in cultures that can be topically applied to firm up skin and increase the growth of hair. It’s even used to great effect in the prevention and removal of scars.

Fungi and Candida

The symptoms of fungal infections and candida can also be alleviated by the topical application of organic Black Seed oil. As well as fungal infections on the skin, the oil can also be used to treat those found in the digestive system when taken internally

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